Thank You!

Since I started to gather information in 1994, this website has remained a one-man operation, without any paid advertising. And yet it would not be what it is today without the help of many friends, collectors, singers, composers, lyricists and faithful visitors who have generously supplied me with corrections, information and cover scans. I wish to extend my sincere thanks to you all on this page!


Major Contributors

Hubert Wildbihler, a Bavarian collector and author of several very useful reference works dealing with musicals, provided the greatest single contribution to this website when he permitted me to include the data underlying his first book, "Musicals! Musicals!". He is always ready to help with inquiries and recently made it possible for me to obtain one hundred important cover scans.

Warren Seamans, who graciously permitted me to photograph hundreds of his LP covers, and to scan many no-longer-available CD booklet covers as well.

Andreas Luketa and Markus Tüpker from Sound of Music in Essen, Germany, who provide a wealth of information about the newest releases, especially European releases.


Special Mention

The Spanish Portuguese Connection
Where would this website be without Armando Bravi and his knowledge of Brasilian shows, Cristian Witte's enthusiasm, scans and information from Argentina, Juan Carlos Rodriguez Arteaga of Mexico City with his boundless energy and expert scans, Jesús Mª Escalona Pillado from Spain who has supplied many of the Spanish scans in this website, and Ivan Andrés Chavez of Bogota, who introduced me to the world of Colombian musicals?
Collectors, Producers, Cognoscenti
These gentlemen are always willing to share their expertise and tackle difficult questions: Steven M. Alper, Klaus Baberg, Ken Bloom, Zachary Van Brunt and John Yap.
Composers, Lyricists, Performers
Thank you, Albert Ahronheim, Steven M. Alper, Janos Bajtala, Riccardo Biseo, Michael Bitterman, Larry Blank, Donna Lynne Champlin, Marcus Alan Cooper, Russ Cowan, Anthony D'Amato, Péter Fábri, Ulrike Frank, Liz Greenaway, Javier Ibarz, Mary Illes, Gustavo Monje, Laried Montgomery, Thomas Muehlbauer, Kevin Murphy, Dawn Nickerson, Adryan Russ, Bill Russell, Ted Sperling, Mark St. Germain, Thomas Tierney, Alejandro Toporek, Carla Vistarini, Dr. Rudolf Volz, Ruth Williamson and Walter Willison.
Honorable Mention
Especially helpful have been Chris Aruffo, Ken Brock, Terry Carroll, Jamie M. Cobleigh, Mark Ellison from Oz with his expert digital art work, John Esche, Carol Anne "Jeeves", David L. Hobbs, Kerry Price, David Ward and Tim Whittemore.


Appreciated Contributors

Over the years the following musical fans have taken the time and trouble to write to me and offer corrections, suggestions and additions to my database. Although I answer each message individually, I would like to thank them all again for their help:

Brash Act, Paul Aijtink, Matti Äijälä, Jonathan Aldous, Arne Andersen, William H. Anderson, Bill Andrews, Ellwood Annaheim,,,,,,, Asparagirl, Ed "Ebny" B, Kathy and Bud Battle, Mike Benedetto, Michael Benedetto, Paul Blecha, Jim Blythe, John Bol, Damon J. Bolling, Christopher R. Boltz, Alan Bromage, Joshua David Brown, Morgan Brown, Zachary Van Brunt, John Burkhardt, Martin Callaghan, Brian Carroll, Samuel R. Casson, Tony Cavallo, David Chmielewski, Jan Claire, Steve Clark, Thomas "Dan" Clue, Tom Collings, George Connolly, Cary Cotterman, Tim Cox,, C. Crowley, Jeanna Culp, Christine Daae, Ossie Dales, Joe DeBortoli, Adam DeGroot, Tyler Donahue, Barry Downes,, Alexander Dubitskiy, Gareth Edwards-Williams, Charles Eger, Arthur Eisenbach, Henrik Emmer,, Alan Field, Roberto Figus, Ludwig Fischer, Michael Fitzgerald, Trixi Flügel, John Frank, Joe Frazzetta, Jon Freeman, Nikki Freialdenhoven, Scott Fuchs, Boris G14, James Galla, Myles Garcia, Joe L. Garrig, Joe Geigel, George Gimarc,, Richard Gingrich, Ed Glazier, Sara Goltz, Rob Goudekett, John Graham, Mario Gullo, Christopher Hamilton, Véronique Hanquier, John Hardaway, David Hawkins, Neal Haynes, Paul Heap, Tom Herson, S. Hodges, Steven G. Horn,, Rich James, Llonewolf Kamfonik, Darrel C. Karl, James C. Kaufman, Martin Keereweer, Manuela Kippes, Rachel Heather Knapp, Doug Knight, Mark Koldys, Putta Kutti, Eric Kuttner, Robin Kyin, David Laughboy, Yi Peng Lee, Jeremy Legat, Tom Lennan, James Leslie, John Lewis, Tim Lewis, Keith Lponly, Tim Lucky, Lyneerob, Thomas G. M., John Maher, Jhon Marshall, Larry Martell, Gary Mathias, Arthur Mattos, Brady McElligott, John McKendrick, Karl McNamara, Manel Mas, Mariano Menna, Dick Monahan, Sterling Morris, Stefan Nagel, Anita Nangle, Geoffrey O'Donnell, Steve O'Donnell, Jon O'Harrow, Peter O'Keefe, Dante J. Orfei, Ross Page, Marc Peberdy, Karine Philippo, Jan Pick, Ryan psryan, A. Purpel, Mariano R., Pete Randolph, Ken Raskoff, Craig Renshaw, Diederik Rep, Paul van Riet, Robert Rightmire, Rachel Rogers, Katy Roose, Paul Rossen, Arthur Runyan, Albert Sanchez Moreno, Steffen Schindler, Gene Scholtens, Kees Schrevel, Emma Shane, Zachary S. Shannon, Michael Shayne, Scott Shirley, John V. Skoda, Alan Soden, Bernie Sofronski, Robert Sokol, Dan Spiers, Daniel Sternberg, Omar Stok, Amy Stoller, Timothy Sutton, Joel J. Swaan, Paul C. Tasker, Gerry Tebbutt, Crissy Terawaki, Greg Thornton, Dziga V, Jennifer Vaughan, C. F. Vidali, Richard C. Wall, Terry Wardrope, David Wheeler, Woody White, Laurent Whizzer, Pam Wilt, Night Wind and Willy Wonka.


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